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67. Speak Up

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You are out front. Your intentions are honorable and clear. You don't presume that others know what you want. You tell them. You speak up.

If you take classes, you don't spend your hard earned money on tuition and then sit half listening in a dazed fog. You ask questions. You ask lots of questions. You make the class your class. If other students resent your initiative, that's on them, not you. Speak up.

You work hard at work. You promote your company's interests. You are customer service oriented. You deserve raises and promotions. You make sure that those with the power to advance your career know of your ambition. Speak up.

You probably have a good idea regarding the next type of real estate investment you wish to make; maybe a condo in a specific building, maybe a two-family or three-family house. In your small specific investment area, you identify the properties and the owners and you contact them. Speak up.

You handle small problems directly and in a timely fashion so that they remain small problems.

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