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68. Get Started

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There is a law of physics which states that a body in motion stays in motion. This presents a clear lesson - get going and you'll keep going.

The easiest first property to buy will be your own home. There are incentives for homeownership including lower down payments and lower interest rates. Do that. Maybe you'll negotiate a great deal. Move into the property. Improve the property. Then, you'll sell or refinance and use the equity to buy a second property or two properties. Do that.

Research values in your small, specific investment area. What's the least expensive opportunity? Is it a studio condo in need of updating? If that's where you need to start, then start there.

Do you need a partner? Can you borrow from your parents? Will the seller give you a second mortgage?

You do what you need to do. No excuses. Even if you are bagging groceries in a supermarket, you can work hard, work long and save for a down payment. You get started. Set a goal of buying your first property within the next 12 months. Do that and you won't be bagging groceries for very long. Of course, as an Action Principles® Champion, within a year you'd probably advance from bagger to assistant department manager.

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