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70. Seize the Opportunity

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Many average people look for excuses to justify their inaction. They look for justifications and they find them.

They listen to the negative advice of others rather than reaching an informed decision of their own. Starting a business or investing in real estate may involve risk and will involve hard work. Friends and family who know little about business or real estate will still feel free to advise caution whenever careers and investments are mentioned. They wouldn't take the risk, so why should you?

The result is that most average people will procrastinate rather than act. Yes, it's much easier to follow the crowd and do little or nothing.

The response of an Action Principles® Champion is to do the research, get the facts, and act accordingly. If you want to open a cupcake shop, then take six months to learn everything that there is to know about selling cupcakes. Talk to lots of people about why they do or don't buy cupcakes and what they like and don't like. Find the best cupcake shops in your area, visit them, and spend time with the owners. Volunteer to work for a few days. Build a network. Join the bakery association and the Chamber of Commerce. Find the best suppliers and visit them. Talk to everybody you meet about when and how and where they buy cupcakes.

Can you become an expert on making and selling cupcakes? You can. Can you become an expert on investment properties in your small specific investment area? You can.

Lots of cans and few can'ts.

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