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76. Think Like an Entrepreneur

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There are 5,000 different types of small businesses. You can make a comfortable living, and realize your long-term financial objectives, with most of them. The business that you choose doesn't matter. Find people who are already successfully doing what you want to do and model yourself after them. The Chinese have a saying, "Do something that you love and you'll never have to work again." So, why not start looking at business opportunities based on a talent, interest, or skill that you may have, and you may find yourself loving every (work) day.

Think opportunity. Say you were born into a family business selling tires. People are getting rich from selling tires. Why not you? Visit tire stores. Are you impressed or do you immediately feel that you can do the same or better? Do you walk into the dealership hoping to get a job changing tires or do you walk in thinking, "Hey, I should own and run this whole place." Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

If your working objective is to make money, then that's what you do. Consider your options. An intrapreneur is an entrepreneur working for a company. You can take an entry-level job at a fast food restaurant. You will figure out how to be a line cook and then a shift supervisor and then an assistant manager and then the general manager. You will figure out how the franchise owner bought the place.

Or, you will take an old lawnmower and start walking down the street knocking on doors. It may take a few hours of rejection but someone will let you mow that lawn. You will do a very good job. You will have a satisfied customer. You will have a business.

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