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77. Quit

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From a supervisory perspective, you never want to be seen or treated as just another drone. You want to be seen and treated as a valuable asset, an indispensible asset. There is power in being needed. You work in a growth industry for a good company that appreciates your superior productivity and you receive commensurate compensation. You are ambitious. You are ready, willing and able to do what it takes to move forward. You have identified the movers and shakers and you model yourself after them.

However, as an Action Principles® Champion, you are alert and aware. Look for signs that might signal downsizing, outsourcing or being replaced by the boss's nephew or a cute assistant. You are not going to sit around nervously dreading the coming day when some anonymous bureaucrat decides that you should be reassigned, relocated or simply fired. Eyes and ears open, you decide before they decide.

See the next step up and place your foot on the rung. Or, if circumstances warrant, you have always been prepared to explore other options. You find a better job and then quit. You don't need to worry about employment statistics. There will always be a job for you. You are smart and a hard worker.

As you reach your financial goals, can you cut back your time at work? Can you work a four-day week or work part-time? If you enjoy your work, maybe you'll want to stay with working part-time and playing part-time. Maybe you want to work your hardest until you can retire and then train for the senior pro golf tour. Perhaps, you want to retire or work part-time and spend the rest of your time writing music. You decide. Go fishing. Live your life doing a lot of things that you enjoy doing and you will find that work and being nice to others is much easier. You are happy.

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