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As an Action Principles® Champion, you are ambitious. You aren't going to work hard for a company where you are unappreciated. You will remain in control of your career.

You are a tough, thoughtful person of action. You will do something. Maybe, get transferred within the company? Yes, maybe. Maybe, work for a different company? Yes, maybe. Maybe, start your own business? Yes, maybe.

You research. You think. You consider your options. You choose the best option. You are a man or woman of action. You do something.

In this course, we follow a young woman who turns her idea for a dream career into a reality. Why does she succeed? Who helps her and why? How does her hard work and ambition bring her to a high level of financial independence at a young age?

Learn the many lessons of ambition, knowledge, cooperation and networking that you can follow in your career.

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Enroll in the American Success Institute
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