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80. Join the Elite

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If you want to be a Special Forces operator, start your own training regime. Get up in the middle of the night and hike 15 miles. If it happens to be in the middle of a winter's snowstorm, feel the cold and the pain and smile because this is what makes you special. Others may think you're crazy. Maybe you are and you love it. Being among the elite means being different.

If you are a student, you want to be a serious student focused on your education and not your campus social life. If you are an employee, you want to be a serious employee focused on company goals and not daydreaming and bothering others with details about your personal life. If you work in a profession, as an Action Principles® Champion, you will rise up to that top 10% of that profession. By virtue of your work ethic and your ambition and the proven results of your efforts, you will earn a top 10% salary commensurate with the elite of physicians, attorneys, accountants, engineers, professors, writers, artists ... If you don't like this income, find this out early and do something else.

If you start a small business, your business will enjoy net revenues among the top 10% of your industry. Don't like it, then you're in the wrong business. Your competitors will soon learn how difficult it will be to be competitive with you.

By virtue, of your genuineness, sincerity, loyalty, generosity and willingness to listen and not take yourself too seriously, you will join those few elite who have figured out the balance between business and family and community.

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