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81. Forget Plan B

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If you are ready, willing and able to execute Plan A, your Action Principles® Plan, do you need a Plan B?

By completing Plan A, you will be financially independent. You will be among the highest percentage of wealthy people in the world. You will have the time and resources to develop and share your special talent. You will have created a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever. And, you can do this in 26 years or less.

Again, when you have Plan A, do you need Plan B?

You don't need the validation or the financial burden of high education degrees. You don't need prying outside investors. You don't need to buy lottery tickets. You don't need to worry about job insecurity.

Do you speak with a stutter or walk with a limp or have a past history of screwing up? It doesn't matter.

Who do you need? Yourself. What do you need? Yourself.

Where can you start? Anywhere. When can you start? Now.

You don't need it. Forget Plan B.

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