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82. Go Hardcore

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Do you feel like a wimp? Do you feel average? Or, do you feel like an Action Principles® Champion?

The hardcore mindset is simple. It is whatever it takes. Everything counts. For all of your days, you answer the questions:

How much crap are you willing to put up with?     

How hard are you willing to work?

How many risks are you willing to take?

How much sacrifice will you bear to have it all?

No excuses. Now, with your Action Principles® Plan, you know what to do. Now, with every day with every breath, you intend to keep fighting; getting better and making progress.

Whatever your background, whatever your history, from wherever you are starting, if you are blessed with an Action Principles® Champion hardcore mindset, most personal variables are irrelevant. What you lack, you'll acquire. What is beyond your ability to change, you will work around. Your mind and your attitude are your greatest assets.

You get it. Hardcore is difficult. It is zero tolerance for moaning, whining and complaining. Complete the mission. You face an obstacle. You don't freeze with indecision. You take action. You figure out how to go over, under or around the obstacle.

While others slack at work doing just enough to not get fired, you go above and beyond expectations. While others may look for ways to game the system and not get caught; you commit to high personal standards. While others whine about high rents, you figure out how to buy the building.

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