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Imagine combining a real estate sales career with your real estate investing plans. A potent combination, it is. This is the story and the lessons you will learn in this course.

What if buying six properties were only the beginning of your real estate career? Can/should/will you buy many more properties? Larger properties? Shopping centers? Office buildings? Someone owns these multi-million dollar buildings. Why not you? You can do what others have done and are doing. Remember, all property, every property, passes from old hands to young.

The mechanics of buying larger properties are not that different from buying any real estate. You research. You make offers. You obtain financing. You love your tenants. The important lessons to learn are the mindset of a real estate tycoon. What makes someone start with a studio condominium investment and then gradually move on to owning a hotel or a major apartment complex? Yes, think big. Yes, why not you?

Master Small Business III

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