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87. Plod Forward

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Your Action Principles® Plan is to buy six properties and pay off your mortgages. In approximately 20-25 years, you will have retired your mortgages and have created a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever.

Your financial journey will be steadily upward.

You buy your first property and you join the ranks of about 65% of Americans. Buy your second property and you join the small rank of 6% of Americans. Obviously, if you own three or more properties, you are in very rarefied territory with very few members. This will be you.

If you have fixed rate, direct reduction mortgages, you love inflation. Every month, your property will increase in value. Every month, as you make a mortgage payment, your equity increases.

It will happen in 20-25 years. However, it will happen every month, every year. As you plod forward with your plans, your lot in life, your options in life improve.

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