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88. Do the Math

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Down payments on six small condos will require roughly $150,000.

For example, let's say you are a blue-collar worker. Not just any blue-collar worker but one who is an Action Principles® Champion. You make $20/hour or $800/week. You're frugal and you pay your bills.

However, being an Action Principles® Champion, you work 50 hours a week earning an extra $200/week or $10,000/year to fund your investments. Every 2.5 years, you save another $25,000 down payment and invest in another condo.

However, being an Action Principles® Champion, you are too ambitious and impatient and unwilling to wait 15 years to build your portfolio.

So, you work 60 hours a week – not forever – for six years, figuring that you'd buy one condo per year.

By implementing this plan, in 26 years or probably less time, you will own your six condos free and clear and you will be rich, ranking among the top one percent of wealthy people in the world!

Is this a good enough plan for you? Are you willing to suck it up and get it done? Adjust the math to your situation. Then, get fired up and turn theory into your reality.

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