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89. Appreciate What Matters

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Your family, faith, friends and love of country matters. Your health matters. Being appreciated and adequately compensated at work matters. Having a strong work ethic, good manners, and an optimistic, generous nature matter.

When putting your Action Principles® Plan into motion; your gender, politics, race, religion, martial status, country of birth doesn't matter.

Where you work doesn't matter. You can implement your Action Principles® Plan working in a big box store, owning your own landscaping business, selling cosmetics, being an accountant, designing software, teaching or driving a truck. The job doesn't matter. The mindset does matter. You work an extra 20% for your investments and you will have investments and you will succeed far beyond the average.

As a landlord, providing quality housing for your tenants and your community matters. Being an example for other property owners matters.

Just do it. Whether you invest in six condos or single-family houses or multi-families or commercial property, doesn't matter.

Mindset and action matter.

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