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90. Find Your People

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During the course of your days, you will encounter plenty of slackers and victims to avoid. And, more than a few privileged malcontents who will latch onto you with their "poor me" tales of victimization. Yes, life is too short. Politely smile, make a quick excuse and get away from all of them.

Being successful, generous and interested in the welfare of others, you will be able to befriend your kind of people: happy, optimistic, hard working, caring, and generous.   Look out for your people. Find them at church, at school, at fraternal organizations, at industry associations, at your kids' events, at the businesses you patronize. You may find some quality associates online.

Most people associate with people in a similar economic bracket. Studies have shown that people earn within approximately ten percent of their personal circle of friends. The moral: hang out with successful friends.

As you research and learn the names of the owners of all the income property in your small specific investment area, you will find lawyers and doctors and architects. You will also find a few hair stylists and bus drivers and little old ladies. Remember, in this business, you don't need an advanced degree from a prestigious university; you do need to become an expert on values in a small specific investment area. If the letter carrier learns this and acts, then the letter carrier will become wealthy.

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