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91. Dismiss Average Thinking

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Average people may buy one house, but never invest in six. Average people will treat their one home as an ATM as they keep digging deeper into debt. Average workers would groan at the prospect of working 50 hours per week. Average people are fat. Average 25-year-old children can't find jobs. Average workers have very little saved for retirement. Average people read less than one book per year. Average people can't afford health insurance. Average people average six hours or more per day watching television or online.

Many average people are going through the routines of life with not a lot of ambition. They do their jobs well enough to not get fired. Average people do not take risks. Average people do not delay gratification. Average people are basically non-confrontational and fear any type of personal rejection.

Most average people seek the reassuring comfort of the status quo. They do today what they did yesterday what they will do tomorrow. Be afraid because average people are everywhere. They are all around you. They are in your families and at work and at the coffee shop and at the gym. They are always there anxious to pour cold water on your ambition. When you are indecisive, you validate their personal decisions to remain on the couch.

Average people have an entitlement mentality. "Give me. I want it. Where's mine?" It's OK for others or future generations to pay.

Yes, average sucks.

As an Action Principles® Champion, you dismiss this average thinking.

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