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93. Get Licensed

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Stop and think of yourself as a real estate agent. In fact, at some point, you may decide to become licensed. As an agent or broker, you are working every day in the real estate business. You see investors and builders and developers buying properties. You see lots of people making money. If being alert and aware to the business, you don't realize that the big money in real estate is made by people who buy real estate and not by agents, how smart are you?

The best reason to be a real estate agent is to have first crack at the new listings.

The next reason is to earn the commissions on your own real estate transactions.

And, since you are continually involved in researching the multi-family business in your small specific investment area, you will be ready to help your fellow investors to buy and sell while you earn commissions.

Get your license. Work full or part-time as an agent. Supercharge your Action Principles® Plan.

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