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94. Act a Little Crazy

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Actually, you won't need to appear odd because to most of your generation in business, in wealth building, at the gym and at home, you'll be very different. Most people will be shaking their heads at you from the sidelines in amazement. What the heck are you doing? And, if a few care to find out, they will smirk and be unwilling to do what you are doing.

Frankly, to the average set, to most people, you're bordering on being a little crazy.

Work 50-60 hours a week to buy income property. This is crazy.

Go to bed at 10 and get up at 6 to go to the gym. This is crazy.

Get home every night for family meals. This is crazy.

Buy six properties and love your tenants. This is crazy.

Plan to retire before 50. This is crazy.

You are an Action Principles® Champion. So, get used to it, you're crazy and, it's OK to be quietly smug, call it self-confidence.

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