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95. Form a Mastermind Alliance

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Think about the spirit on the best teams you were ever on and how your teammates cooperated in reaching a common goal. Think about the dignity and respect your teammates showed to one another. Think about how you were able to rebound from losses to play and win again.

You want your team to be built on excellence. You want your team built with members of merit and character. You want individuals with self-discipline to give a full effort and if necessary, sacrifice for the good of all. Excellence is excellence and is not subject to conditions of race, color, creed, national origin, etc. If people are the best qualified to fill the team's or company's mission, then that is what they are. If they are not, they are not.

How does the business world work? Connections, networks, alliances. The Mastermind Alliance is the method for bringing a team approach to individual investing. With a Mastermind Alliance, you envision yourself as the head of a large corporation. You have a decision to make. You call the appropriate specialists from your staff. Your team will also help you avoid wasting money, avoid mistakes and correct the mistakes that you do make.

The Mastermind Alliance
Real Estate Agent Mortgage Broker Lawyer
Accountant Insurance Agent Architect
Carpenter Electrician Plumber
Landscaper Handyman Banker
Surveyor Home Inspector Other Investors
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