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96. Rely on Your Strengths

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Unfortunately, too many will not become financially independent through entrepreneurship and real estate investing because most will not believe they can. You are an exception. You believe you have the strength. You believe you can. And, this belief in your own abilities is, in itself, a great strength to rely upon.

Through your own trials and errors and from a lifetime of critical appraisal from parents, teachers, coaches and bosses, you know your personal strengths and weaknesses. Some people have beautiful voices, some are meant for the boardroom, some are capable of becoming professional athletes, and most are not. Whom does it benefit to pretend otherwise? You have no interest in personal delusion. Make life easy on yourself by concentrating on what you do best. Play to your strengths and don't stray from them without reasoned justification.

Being willing to put in long hours of research is strength. Being willing to take risks is strength. Being able to lose a deal and immediately begin to look for another is strength. Being willing to work hard without complaint is strength.

Rely on your strengths.

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