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97. Make Lots of Offers

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You only buy properties by making offers. You only make offers after you've looked at properties. Get involved and make things happen. A property is worth what a ready, willing and able buyer is willing to pay for it. If a listed property is still on the market, that means that no one has offered the listed price. Offer less. This is not a popularity contest. When you find a property you like, figure out what it's worth and make an offer that works for you. Make lots of offers. Offers cost nothing. Accepted offers mean profit. Profit is why you are in business. Take action.

The primary motivation of all sellers is not always to get top dollar. Many people want to move or have to move for a wide variety of reasons. These sellers don't want to give their properties away, but they don't want to wait around for six months either. They want action. They are lucky. You are a person of action.

If you become a licensed real estate salesperson, you get an insider's look at what's happening. Are you making plans to look at every property that comes on the market in your small specific investment area? Every property, every deal that is made or not made will teach you something. If you haven't started already, begin tracking sales information. Who is buying? Who is selling? Who is lending? This is not what average people are doing. This must be good.

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