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98. Circumvent the Obstacle

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Obstacle. You work for a nice company. The owners and managers are nice. You have nice people as colleagues. However, with your financial future at stake, "nice" is not enough. You only want to work for a financially viable company able to pay a salary commensurate with your hard work. Nice must be matched with good money now and promotions and more money down the line.

Obstacle. You love your family but they aren't on onboard with your Action Principles® Plan. You have to give them the time to understand. This becomes part of your job to keep presenting the logical arguments. Be patient. As your plans turn into reality and then into success, your genius will become readily evident and you will have so much to share.

Obstacle. You allow your life to get a little too comfortable. You stop taking overtime. You stop conducting your real estate research. You're happy with two properties or three. Suddenly, your 20-year plan becomes a 30-year plan which becomes a whenever plan. You settle for a little better when you could have had a lot better.

Obstacle. Your spouse leaves you, your car breaks down, you get fired, you hurt your back, your child needs braces, your business fails, and your newest property needs unexpected renovations. Be prepared. Stay tough. Breathe. Think. Consider. Act. This too will pass. Get ready to deal with lots of life's calamities. There will be obstacles along your success path. Stay focused and keep moving around them. Circumvent the obstacle.

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