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In every country, since the dawn of time, it has been, it is and it always will be the rich people who own the real estate. More money has been made from real estate investing than from all other methods combined.

How wonderful is this? You have a realistic plan to join them.     You know what it takes. You do what it takes. You can achieve financial independence by buying six properties. How about ... your first property is your primary residence, then four small income properties, and then a second vacation home for a total of six properties.

To summarize your Action Principles® Plan:

Deal in a small specific investment area.

Become the expert on values in that area.

Assemble a Mastermind Alliance team.

Buy and sell properties to raise investment capital.

Own six properties free and clear of debt.

Love your tenants.

Never have to work again.

Listen to the thanks from your children and grandchildren.

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