The Action Principles


The Action Principles



View each day through the eyes of a martial arts master.

If you have a tough mind and a compassionate heart, you can achieve extraordinary success. You have you. Without more college debt, without waiting for upticks in the economy, without hoping for raises or promotions, you can take back control of your career. You can research, plan and take decisive action based on your willingness to embrace self-reliance. You have you.

Then, apply your tough, compassionate mindset to your personal life and build loving relationships and a great family.

The Action Principles® present an outlook on how to live harmoniously yet comfortably amid the chaos of the modern world. They are 100 gems of action-oriented advice that can guide us in our lifelong quest for spiritual and mental growth, health and financial prosperity. The principles evolve from the important lessons to be learned from self-reliance. The principles offer us a perspective to assess where we are and where we want to go.

Who selflessly cared or cares about you?

It could be your parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, clergy, a neighbor, older sibling, drill sergeant, or a boss. It was someone. There are many time-tested maxims embedded in the principles. They are reminders of past lessons learned. Reading and living the Action Principles® gives you a new opportunity to revitalize your life and do what you know you should be doing. Pass them on.

The Action Principles® should help us to develop a mental and physical toughness to handle the rigors of everyday living as we work toward our goals. The Action Principles® should help us to develop a mental and physical softness expressed in an inner peace from the knowledge that we are doing our best.

What is so inviting about the Action Principles®? The beneficial results are immediate. You don’t need to spend a year in graduate school, two days fasting or an hour chanting. Just stop, take a few deep breaths, read for a moment and think. You can change your life for the better in an instant.

You can listen more, smile more, be more patient and volunteer more often. You can take the lead and be in control. Life is about choices. You can choose to be a better spouse, parent, friend, son, daughter, partner, employer, employee and citizen. You have the God given power to choose a life of self-improvement and a commitment to helping others.

Included in this edition are Action Principles® written by the last seven American Presidents. Additionally, many leaders in government, religion, business, entertainment and sports, have contributed to the Action Principles® Leadership Project which can be found on

Embrace these Action Principles® and you will be a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action. You will be appreciated and respected. Yes, a full life of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace awaits your choice.


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