1 Small Specific Area
2 Drive Your Area
3 Collect Information
4 Collect Printed Information
5 Deal With The Best
6 Mastermind Alliance
7 Look at Properties
8 Evaluate The Property
9 Negotiate the Deal
10 Get The Best Financing
11 Be a Person of Action
12 Highest and Best Use
13 Live, Rent or Convert
14 Buying and Selling
15 Value Oriented System

Master Real Estate Course


Keep repeating this over and over until you get it, "Rich people own real estate."

In every country, through all time, it is the rich people who own real estate.

Believe this. This will not change. It will continue to be the rich people who own real estate.

In this course, YOU will learn how to own real estate.

If you buy one house, you will save thousands.

As a Master of Success, you will buy six properties and become financially independent.

As a Master of Success, you can do this.

As a Master of Success, you have the power to choose to achieve far beyond the average.

You don't have to take some hand-me-down job working for your brother-in-law. You don't have to spend the next few years sitting in classrooms with directionless teenagers. You do not have to suffer at a dreary job until you're half-dead and eligible to retire – if ever.

Do not do any of this.

You do not have to worry that your company will go out of business leaving you without a pension.  You do not have to worry about meeting all your financial obligations with a small monthly social security check. You do not have to rely on the charity of others.

Here is the Master Success Program:

Own your own business. Or, working for a company, reach the elite level of your profession. Either way, you will make enough money to pay your bills, spoil those you love and invest in real estate.

You will buy six properties. You will pay off the mortgages.

You will be a multi-millionaire in twenty years or less. You are a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action. You have what it takes to accomplish this overall lesson objective. You deserve this.

Are there other plans to become wealthy? Who cares? You don't need other plans. You have this Master Success plan.

Where do you get the money to buy real estate?

You will become an expert on values in a small specific investment area. You will use this expertise to buy and sell properties. You will make money. You will use this money to buy more property and to reduce your debt.

Also, if you have not taken the three Master Small Business Courses, I strongly advise you to do so. If you work for someone else, you have no job security. No one is going to pay you what you are worth. You have to pay yourself what you are worth. With your own business, you decide what you are worth. Take back control of your own financial future.

There is an operational limitation to the completion of this lesson.

It is you.

Most average people want to complicate business because within the complications, they can find excuses for inaction.

Let's repeat that again because it is very important. Most average people want to complicate business because within the complications, they can find excuses for inaction.

Our Master Real Estate System is simple.

We are NOT average. We do NOT need to complicate the simple.

Here is the entire course in a few declarative statements:

Deal in a small specific investment area.

Become the expert on values in that area.

Assemble a Mastermind Alliance team.

Buy and sell properties to raise investment capital.

Own six properties free and clear of debt.

Love your tenants.

Never have to work again.

Rule # 1 - YOU must not complicate the simple. An average person owns one house and you own six.

Rule # 2 – Do not listen to average people who have no idea about real estate investing.

When it comes to real estate investing, very few people know what they are talking about and this includes most people working in the real estate business.

Remember, if someone is working in the real estate business every day and he or she hasn't figured out that the way you make big money is to buy property and not sell property to other people, how smart can that person be?

Anyone in the real estate business whose primary aim is not property acquisition is not very smart.

Believe this. The naysayers are wrong. There are great bargains to be had. There are new fortunes being made and many more to be made. You should be there. You will be there.

When it comes to local real estate investment knowledge, almost everyone is undereducated. Buying and selling a home involving hundreds of thousands of dollars is the largest financial transaction that the overwhelming majority of people every make in their lives and, yet, buyers and sellers make decisions based on few pertinent facts.

With a few months of research, you will see how true this sad fact is. You will shake your head in disbelief at the lack of knowledge most local real estate agents possess.

In this Master Real Estate Course, you will be encouraged to research. What do you want to learn? You want to know everything about property values in your small specific investment area. A Chief Petty Officer in the SEALs once said, "Our selection process never ends." By this he meant that your learning doesn't stop when you become a SEAL. Your learning curve is just beginning. So, it is with real estate knowledge. You start and don't stop researching until your mission of owning six properties free and clear of debt is complete.

Does the average person know what it means to be successful? They haven't got a clue. Does the average person know what it means to invest in real estate? They haven't got a clue.

You will research. This is your training. Then you will make offers and buy properties and make money. This is the direct action and result of your training.

Not only will you be AN expert, in all probability, you will be THE expert on value in your small specific investment area. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is money.

As a Master of Success, alert and aware, you will see that society is basically broken down into 10-70-20 segments.

Ten percent of people, rightly or wrongly, through their own fault or no fault of their own have to be support by the other ninety percent.

This group has no clue. They are self-absorbed. They don't care what you are doing. They only care about what you will do for them.

Seventy percent of people are average folks just going through the routines of life with not a lot of ambition. They flounder. They do their jobs well enough to not get fired. Someone quits or dies, they get promoted. Average people do not take risks. Average people do not delay gratification. Average people are basically non-confrontational and fear any type of personal rejection. Average people could not take a boss or mentor yelling in their faces.  Average people are not Masters of Success.

Average people seek the reassuring comfort of the status quo. They pretty much do today what they did yesterday what they will do tomorrow. The problem with all of these average people is that there are so many of them. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Average people are everywhere. They are all around you. They are in your families and at work and at the coffee shop and at the gym. They are everywhere. They are always there and ready and anxious to pour cold water on your ambition. When you are indecisive or choose not to act, you validate their personal decisions to remain on the couch.

You must be strong.  Again, you must choose to command your own future.

Armed with the information in the Master Success Courses and your warrior spirit, you will succeed.

Living well will be your revenge.

Our last category is the elite twenty of pro-active achievers. They are the thinking people of action. They are focused. They have goals and dreams.  They research. They see what other people have done and what they can do. They are doers.

As a warrior, you are in this top twenty percent.   You deserve to be successful. With a warrior mindset, you can do everything in these Master Success Courses.

Why would you choose otherwise?

This is a system for investing in local real estate and this system works. This system will work anywhere in the United States and probably anywhere in the world. Over the last twenty-five years, I have taught this system to tens of thousands of people. The system works if you understand and apply the strategies. Don't worry; it's all very easy. Most of the people who fail are those who don't follow through.

There is work to be done. It isn't hard work but it is work. You must be self-disciplined to stay the course.

I suggest that you begin by reading the entire course through once. Then go back to the lessons for a second reading taking your notes. From your notes, make your plans. With your plans, get to work. Nothing happens without the work.

If the people around you are curious why you are driving around and taking all those pictures and taking all those notes and going to all those open houses for properties that you aren't going to buy, if you are doing what they don't or won't, smile because you are probably on the right track.

These Master Success Courses are NOT written for everyone. It may not be politically correct but an average person will not succeed with these courses.  Our warrior class is in that elite top twenty percent of money makers. We will make high salaries. We will invest. We will be in a position to retire early. We will choose to do this.  

The lessons you are able to complete are challenging in their simplicity. Discipline yourself to complete each lesson and you will succeed.

Let's say you are out of shape and want to get into shape.

Average people think they need Jenny Craig or the South Beach Diet and fancy health club memberships and personal trainers.

Warriors know you need the self-discipline to eat less and exercise more. Period. Eat less than you have been eating and do the Daily Dozen. Do your push-ups and sit-ups and squats and jumping jacks. Period.

It is the average mindset versus the mastery mindset.

Average people complicate and pretend. Masters act from where they are with what they have. Masters make good things happen.

Read and keep reading and never stop reading and learning. These text materials are only the beginning. If you have taken other Master Success Courses, you know that to become an expert on a subject, you must read forty books on that subject. So, to become an expert on real estate investing, you challenge yourself to read forty books on real estate investing. If you read one book a month, you will be an expert in less than four years. This is not a lot to ask of yourself given the fact that real estate investing is going to make you a multi-millionaire in twenty years or less.

There is more.

Every day, read the new blog posts. Subscribe to the read the daily tweets. Join business associations. Associate with the winning in the upper twenty percent bracket. Find the people who own the investment real estate in your small specific investment area. Listen to their stories. Learn. Find the business and political leaders in your small specific investment area and copy their success. Combine all of this information with your personal reflection and planning and action. This is the direct warrior path to financial independence.

Over and over and over in the text materials, you will see these words "small specific investment area." These words are an important key to your success. You must become an expert, the expert, on value in a small clearly defined area. You know that area. You invest in that area. You stick to that area.

Average people will think that they can use their knowledge of one area to invest elsewhere. They are wrong.  Stick to your small specific investment area.

Yes, real estate investing is work but not a lot of work. Can you name any other activity that in ten hours or less per week carries the probability of making you a multi-millionaire in twenty years or less?

Define your small specific investment area. Become an expert on values in that area. Start networking with other investors, contractors, businesspeople and politicians in your area. Make your offers. Buy and sell. Build your portfolio. Take pride in ownership. Repay your debt. Congratulations, you are a multi-millionaire.

Don't screw this up.

The real estate investing business is a perfect part-time business because real estate is a people business. The people are the sellers, agents, tenants, contractors, lawyers and others you make a part of your success program. If you can deal with people and understand their motivations, you can succeed. Yes, follow the Golden Rule and do unto others.  Yes, give and you shall receive. Yes, you can have it all.

You can become financially independent and gain status in your community because you will be providing a valuable commodity: quality housing. To succeed in this people business, you must follow the Action Principles® philosophy built upon a commitment to self-improvement and service.

Self-improvement refers to a continual pursuit of knowledge. How does the local real estate investment market work? How can I use this knowledge to work for me? As you commit to self-improvement, that will include your real estate education. You will read books. You will look at properties. You will make and win and lose offers. You will buy and sell. You will talk with agents and owners and architects and bankers and other investors. You will learn more and more.

Service means getting along with people. Finding one of the few Super Agents who will actually understand what you will accomplish. Sellers who want to sell to you. Bankers who want to lend you money. Buyers and tenants who want to do business with you. Smile. Be polite. Know what you want. Ask for it. Act professionally. You'll go far.

Understand that your investments are your tenants' homes and act accordingly, you'll go far.

My objective is to give you the information and advice necessary to buy, finance and successfully manage a small number of income-producing properties. I believe that real estate is the safest and surest investment method for motivated individuals to achieve financial independence. Until you have your own goal, I will use the goal of six properties. If you own six properties, you will be able to retire comfortably, a millionaire, probably a multi-millionaire. If you start your career before age 40, you will retire young.


  • 90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.
  • More money is made in real estate than in all other investments combined.

Following the Action Principles®, you aren't looking for excuses. You are looking for solutions. This is your warrior attitude:

  1. Tell me what to do.
  2. Get out of my way and let me do it!

Start your real estate investment program now. Every young person should own a home by age 25 and at least two properties by age 30. Get going. And, encourage your children and those you love to follow suit.

There are also other benefits to real estate investment. There are significant tax benefits through depreciation, there is cash flow and there is pride in ownership. This course concentrates on the attitude necessary to succeed. It will take you to the starting line, and not the finish line. Remember that Japanese word kaizen for continual self-improvement. You are encouraged to take many more courses, read many more books, do lots more local research and form a local network, an alliance of experts to mentor and assist you.

In the coming lessons, you will find a system for buying the best property at the best price and getting the best possible financing. You will have that winning combination of intellect and effort that the Action Principles® give you. This investment system is meant to stimulate your imagination to help you develop your own personal investment system.

If buying six properties and becoming a multi-millionaire seems easy, it is. Do not complicate the system.

If you know that others have used these techniques successfully, why not you? The confidence doesn't come from just from reading; it comes from thinking and doing. You will see and meet the people in your own community who own the investment real estate. How different are you from them? Can you do what they have done? Yes, of course you can, if you make that choice to be a person of action.

Let's go.

Masters of Success, you deserve nothing less.

Bill FitzPatrick
   Bill FitzPatrick
   Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts Master

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