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Master Success is a total, life affirming system for
serious, self-selected men and women of action.    Master Success is a total, life affirming system for serious, self-selected men and women of action. Those who are willing to assess and develop their strengths and weaknesses will embrace self-reliance and hard work. It is choosing to reject average results and expect extraordinary rewards.

   The Master Success System can lead you to a life full of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace. The rewards of Master Success are a fulfilling career, a loving family, true friends, respect in the community, financial independence and the inner peace that comes from doing your best. It is a life of finding solutions rather than making excuses.

   Master Success is not a traditional self-help system of giddy optimism based on a weak utopian philosophy that everyone can do everything. It will not appeal or work for everyone or even most. The philosophy and rationale of Master Success will resonate only to an elite few, perhaps one person in five. Master Success is reserved for the twenty percent of achievers willing to face simple universal facts, seize opportunities, take risks, learn from mistakes and move forward. It is for those inspired by an inner voice, motivating them ever to excel. Those who listen to the call are driven by an adventurous spirit which is both optimistic and exhilarating.

   Can you find a loving life partner?
   Can you raise well adjusted children?
   Can you achieve financial independence?
   Can you live comfortably and retire early?
   Can you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
   Can you face reality with confidence?

   Yes to all. Others are doing it and you can do it. This is the beginning challenge to find out how far your talents and desires and the Master Success System can take you.

   As a Master of Success, you are a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action. You do not wait for others to do what needs to be done. You get on with the tasks at hand. Your life is focused with a clear direction charted with plans, goals and objectives. You will appreciate your life's work and be well compensated. You will become an investor with multiple streams of active and passive income. You will have the time and the resources to develop your personal interests. Prosperity will fuel your generosity. Others will naturally gravitate toward your strength. You will be respected as a leader who can be relied upon to react calmly yet swiftly and appropriately when the going gets tough, to stay with the mission until completion and to follow-up.

   The Master Success System is a personal call to action presenting ideas and challenges to forge one's own character. Master Success is choosing an active life rather than a passive existence. It is taking back control. Identify the challenge, consider the options, choose the best option and take direct action.

   In a real sense you are a warrior. Often you must bravely soldier on as you skirt obstacles, as you dodge and weave along your personal path to the achievement of your goals. Yes, some of your schoolwork and training may prove to be a waste of time. Yes, some business decisions will not proceed as planned. Yes, you will encounter cheating classmates, brown nosing schmoozers, lazy partners, ineffective coworkers, disloyal friends and selfish siblings. Yes, eighty percent of people will not be like you or understand you. Accept this.

   As a Master of Success, you aren't looking for secrets or forever seeking easy ways. You've already been taught most of what you need to know. Why pretend otherwise? Remember a loving relative who wanted you to excel. Remember a caring teacher who encouraged you to study. Remember a tough coach who pushed you to work hard. Remember that giving clergy person who taught you the right way to behave. You honor those who saw potential in you by following their practical advice. See your inner strength and exercise it.

   By electing to follow the Action Principles® and the Master Success System, you are making a voluntary choice to be tough. Tough is a willingness to stand tall and persevere against adversity. It is direct and deliberate action. It is holding your own hand and being your own support network. Even when your mind and body signal perfectly good reasons for giving up, you go on. Even when your decisions and action run contrary to conventional wisdom, you go on. For you, the thought of quitting is not an option.

   Tough can be rejecting false hollow praise. Tough is replacing excuses and dependence with personal responsibility, self-reliance, independence and action. Being tough can take you a long way. You've got to be tough to do the big things in life like taking risks, admitting mistakes, and changing bad habits. You've got to be tough to do the little things like biting your tongue, waiting your turn and suffering fools. Self-reliance and self-confidence will demand your toughness.

   Then, you must temper toughness with kindness. You've got to be kind to receive the big blessings in life like inner peace and respect. You've got to be kind to receive the daily blessings like a loving life partner, true friends, compatible co-workers and well-behaved children. Many times it will be tough to be kind. You must accept the fact that those who need your kindness the most are often those least able to reciprocate with appreciation.

   The Master Success System will lead you to prosperity. This is the easy part. If you are tough and kind, focused and hard working, money naturally flows toward you. You don't have to become entangled in intricate financial plans or wait for an inheritance. You don't have to become a lonely workaholic separated from family and friends.

   Greed is not the spirit or intent of the system. The Master Success System defines financial independence in terms of the life enhancing possibilities that money brings. If you are self-centered and selfish, no one is going to care if you wear a diamond ring, live in a big house or drive a luxury car. In fact, you will more likely be resented than befriended. The system is to show you how to have the financial resources necessary to live comfortably, take special care of those you love and have the option of retiring early.

   The Master Success System shows you how to help others and to have the free time to develop your individual, God given talents, special talents that should be shared with the world. Yes, you are talented. You will remain tolerant of those who choose an easier path as you vigorously and compassionately defend and support those who suffer through no fault of their own.

   Mastering Success is not a mountain to be climbed but a plateau upon which you will walk. You are on a life long journey of self-improvement. You will not be afraid to build upon and defend your values. This tough attitude will make you a better employee, better business owner, or better investor. You'll be better all the time at all aspects of your career. You naturally rise to the elite level of whatever endeavors you choose. Your charisma will encourage others to see you as a leader.

   If, each day, you've thought about who you are, where you are and how you can become a better person, you will find prosperity beyond your expectations. Your manner will be self-confident. Your attitude will be positive. Your body will be strong. Your mind will be calm. Your fears will be few. If, each day, your focus at home, work, play and in the community has been on helping others, you will find peace beyond your expectations. Those who raised you will be proud of you. Your guidance will be remembered and your leadership sought. Your personal encounters will be joyful and your friendships many. Your value to society will be great. Believe in the power of always trying to lead an exemplary life.

   How do you know if you have what it takes? Are you tired of hearing the incessant laments of the privileged malcontents of your generation? Then, do something. Are you concerned that too many of your academic classes are being taught by the bored to the bored and are of little value? Then, do something. Are you sensing that you are mired in a dead end career? Then, do something. Do something. Take back control of your life. Become a Master of Success. Let this be your moment. Now is your time. There is no other.

   Master Success is not for everyone. However, if you feel the calling, accept the challenge.

   Following the Master Success System, you will come to realize that you are the Master Piece.

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