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1 Your Mastery Mindset
2 Listen To Your Own Voice
3 Believe In Yourself
4 Your Own Business
5 Knowing Is Your Edge
6 Preparing For Success
7 What Wealth Means
8 Choosing Your Challenges
9 Making the Right Move
10 Entrepreneurial Potential


   As an Action Principles® Champion, I congratulate you on your decision to take the Master Small Business Course I.

   With this course, we begin an exciting adventure together. For you, the end result will be a full life of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace. Following the advice in the Master Success program, you will rise to the top of your chosen profession. You will invest. You will be in a financial position to retire in twenty years or less.

   See it. Believe it. Success is right there in front of you waiting for the taking: you will have everything that you've ever wanted in your life for yourself and your family.

   The Master Success Program is not for everyone. Everyone isn't suited to entrepreneurial missions. Average people cannot do this. You are a champion. You are not average. You are extraordinary.

   Average people are reactive. They are comfortably stuck in the status quo waiting for something or someone else to change their lives.

   Action Principles® Champions are the opposite. Champions are action oriented. Champions are clearly focused on mission accomplishment. They know what they want. They research. They associate with other successful people. They work hard and learn and adjust. They save and invest. They don't wait. They control their own future. They make things happen. They enjoy and share their success.

   This is you.

   Average people have no comprehension of what it means to be put in harm's way. They have no concept of personal sacrifice for a noble cause. They may not have a sense of duty. They have no clue. To average people, avoidance is the safe course.

   Average people have no comprehension of the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. They have no conception of why someone would work hard without absolute guarantees. To average people, avoidance is the safe course.

   Average people don't understand your willingness to risk and enter the military. Average people don't understand your willingness to risk and start your own business. They don't understand you.

   Who cares what average people think?

   We wouldn't care except that they are a majority. They are all around us and always ready to spout opinions based on nothing. They will question your decisions and actions because if you are hesitant and indecisive, you validate their inaction.

   Often, average people voice strongly held opinions based on nothing.

   You will find the same lame attitudes when you speak to average people about your plans to start your own business and invest in real estate. Expect the peanut gallery to offer overly cautious, negative advice based on nothing. They haven't done it, so why should you?

   In every society and throughout history, people can be divided into three groups of 10-70-20. The bottom ten percent is comprised of people who through their own fault or no fault of their own have to be supported or carried by the other ninety percent. This group is preoccupied with themselves.

   The next group, which comprises the overwhelming majority, is the seventy percent. These are the nice average people who want a three bedroom, bath and a half house. They want two cars and a flat screen television. They want a two-week vacation. They want to work forty hours a week. They aren't ambitious. They don't aspire higher. They are already too busy doing something, so they don't want more work. If at work, someone dies or quits or the company is doing well and expands, they make a little more money. If they get average back in return for their average efforts, they are relatively happy.

   There is nothing wrong with being an average person.

   However, as an Action Principles® Champion, you don't have to settle for this and you can see that there is more available to someone who is a tough, thoughtful, spiritual, person of action.

   There are people who drive Mercedes and Cadillacs and Lexus cars. There are people who live in million-dollar houses. There are people who lunch poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel. There are people who own companies and who own multiple properties.

   There are people who make $20,000 a year. There are people who make $200,000 a year. There are people who make two million dollars a year.

   The people in the latter two income groups are not average wage earners. They are the elite, the top twenty percent.

   Some of the elite went to prestigious schools, which led to high-paying jobs as physicians, attorney, accountants or stock brokers. Some are creatively blessed with talent. Some don't belong in the elite but are there anyway; such as the "Thanks, Dad," members of the lucky birth club.

   Then, we come. We are the champion class.

   We are no-nonsense, hard working achievers. We don't complicate. We don't make excuses. We don't complain. We focus on goals. We research. We plan our missions. We take decisive action. We learn from our triumphs and mistakes. We adjust. We proceed.

   We know that everything that we need to succeed, as champions, we already possess. With self-confidence and with self-discipline, with persistence and determination, with our eyes focused on the target, we are victorious.

   Through the missions of this first Master Small Business Course, we meet Kevin Romano. We are introduced to Kevin working as the Assistant Manager of the hardware department of a big box store. He is a guy doing an average job. But, we quickly learn that Kevin is not an average guy. Kevin is a former active-duty Marine. Kevin has the Action Principles® spirit. Kevin wants to accomplish more with his one life.

   In each of the missions, we follow Kevin as he grows as a businessperson. He researches and finds mentors and makes contacts. We watch as his confidence builds and his vision expands. In less than two years, Kevin transforms himself from a clerk with limited advancement opportunities to a successful restaurant entrepreneur with an unlimited financial future.

   Completing this course, you will be able to identify the style and attitudes of a successful business warrior. You will recognize traits that you can copy and immediately implement in your own life. This course is about successfully opening a pizza shop, which serves as an example for opening any small business. It is NOT about the type of business. It is about you.

   The Master Success Program consists of much more than a series of short missions. For each text mission, there is a corresponding video lesson. Be disciplined. Read the mission. Watch the corresponding video. Take your quiet time to relate the information to your personal situation. Begin your research. Join your associations. Read. Read. Write questions. Find your mentors to answer your questions. Repeat. Repeat.

   This is the long march, which leaves the average person discouraged and exhausted on the wayside. This is the long march, which does ultimately lead to success.

   Challenge yourself by taking a step. Take another step. Choice by choice by choice, you retreat or advance.

   For yourself and for your family, you can do it. You can live an extraordinary life of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace.

   Why not you?

   Let's begin the first Master Small Business Course of the Master Success System.

   You don't need good luck. You have you.

Bill FitzPatrick
   Bill FitzPatrick
   Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts Master

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