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11. Hear The Threat

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If an attacker wants to overwhelm you with violence, without announcement, they will. They have the physical and psychological luxury of planning.

However, if someone is loudly threatening to harm you, this is good. It is good because they are not spontaneously lunging and attacking from a darkened doorway but, instead, giving you time to think of a proper response. While he talks about what he might do in the future, you have options.

If the threat revolves around your property, give it up. Comply. Property is replaceable. You are probably insured. Give up the purse, the wallet, the watch or the car.

If the threat is against your person, you must weigh the odds. Does a weapon that you can see back up the threat? Is this life or death? If there is no limit to this attack should there be a limit to your defense?

Where you are being attacked is the primary crime scene. This is where you want to stay. Fight here. With every once of strength, resist being taken to a secondary location. Being taken to a criminal's secure location is never good.

We don't mourn our dead; we avenge them.

Australian Special Air Service

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