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1. Develop A Warrior Mindset

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The toughest thing about you is your mind. Your mind is your best self-defense tool. You must think like a warrior. You must be mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family.

Understand this. Your objective is not to win a fight. Use your smarts before your fists. Keep your wits about you, get past the feelings of bad luck and shock to initiate an appropriate reaction. Different circumstances dictate different responses. There isn't a right answer. An appropriate reaction could be to run, to reason, to comply or to fight.

Your objective is to stop an unprovoked attack by escaping to a place where your defensive options increase. Find a safer place where you can call for reinforcements, call the police, a big friend or get your hands on a weapon. Stopping the attack presumes a willingness and ability to put your assailant in enough pain that you distract him long enough to create an escape opening.

A tough warrior mindset starts with reflection on your personal protection. You think about what could happen and how you will react. You develop appropriate tactical response scenarios. You must form judgments and formulate strategies before you need them.

If you feel uncomfortable, figure out why. Don't be caught unguarded. Plan. How much abuse are you prepared to suffer before you react? From your perspective, what is the appropriate reaction? Is the potential threat from a street thug, a spouse, a gang of neighborhood teens or a deranged co-worker? Should you flee, fight, warn others or call for help? Think. Consider. Be prepared.

A lion leading a flock of sheep will be more effective than a sheep leading a pride of lions.

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