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2. Think Like A Survivor

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You can be a pacifist. You can be well behaved and mild mannered. You can stand for life in all forms and circumstances. Stand up for the oppressed. This is you. This is not everyone.

Get real. Mindfully acknowledge that there is evil in the world. There are monstrous dictators, maniacal zealots, misogynistic psychos, sadistic criminals, narcissistic stalkers, abusive partners and misguided loners with a screw loose. For the smallest of gain or simply on a lark, evil feasts upon any real or perceived weakness.

When confronting evil, diplomacy, tact and kind words are not normally a viable defense. Reasoning is ignored. Good intentions are laughable. Rehab doesn't always work.

Capitalize on your greatest asset, your mind. Speak your mind. Can you control the encounter? Loudly and powerfully tell the aggressor what you want him to do, "Stand back. Don't come any closer. Put your hands down. Walk away now!"

Then, leave. Avoid confrontation. Don't engage. Don't get involved.

Being right can be dangerous. It doesn't matter if you are 100% sure that you are absolutely right because the smart defensive action may be to smile, apologize and leave the ignorance behind.

With all other options unavailable or exhausted, fight and keep fighting until you can no longer fight. Go down beaten and bloodied.

Look, there are powerful weapons all around you. Is your attacker playing fair? So, how much force are you willing to use to save yourself?

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