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14. Be a Date Detective

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Online dating is a great way to introduce the best of you to a wide world full of compatible mates. You can have fun while being practical. Until proven otherwise, keep your guard up.

Do you really believe that the hunky young lawyer with the glam photo has been too busy making money to find a nice girl?

Today, you can verify most folk's identities with a little web and social media searching. Do that.

Make the first meeting in a very public place. Make it a lunch or drink after work. Make it a double date with your girlfriend. You pick the place. Do that.

Tell a girlfriend your plans and have her call you an hour into the date. If you want to make a swift exit, this can be your excuse. Do that.

Watch what you're drinking. Obviously don't get drunk. And, be sure that your "new love" has zero opportunity to slip anything into your glass.

You're tough so be smart by being in control, which means being careful.

Petting scorpions with a compassionate heart will get you stung.

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