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15. Wear the White Belt

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Walking into a karate dojo can be intimidating. You see the punching and kicking and shouting and you think, "Can I do this?" "Do I want to do this?"

Even martial arts masters have a first day. On the first day, the sights and sounds are awkward. Relax. There is only one first day. Today, you are the newbie. Tomorrow you will be a veteran.

Learning the martial arts is step by step. You observe. You ask questions. You practice. You make mistakes. You correct your mistakes.

How far do you want to go? In just a few short weeks, you'll be testing for your next colored belt. If you put in the effort, in three to four years, you could be testing for black belt.

It's in the mind. You can choose to do this. Feel good about yourself and learn a life skill. Why not you?

Until you are tested, you never really know.

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