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6. Embrace Self-Reliance

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Predators lurk in the shadows. Predators have the huge advantage of planning and surprise. They have the luxury of planning their attacks and escape routes in advance. They hide and strike when you appear the most vulnerable.

It's late. It's dark. You are alone. You are distracted.

They pounce.

They probably only want to steal enough to score another high. Probably.

You can call 911 on your cell phone and wait. Good luck.

Trust your instincts.

Feel the hairs stand up on your neck. Be afraid.

Get ready. You may have to act without assistance.

Create a commotion. Smash a store or car window. Pull a fire alarm. Run to a stranger for help. Scream and swear like a wild woman as you run toward the traffic.

Can you do this? This attacker is trying to hurt you. Will you hurt him? Or will you risk physical injury and the chance that you will suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder? Sometimes you've got to cover your own butt. Never presume to delegate responsibility for your personal safety to anyone. Embrace self-reliance.

Is your life's work done? If you are alive, it isn't. Stay alive.

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