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9. Be the Panther

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Can you talk your way out of a bad situation? Maybe you can or maybe your response will only serve to escalate or prolong the confrontation. Perhaps, the best thing to do is to simply let your assailant blow off steam while you remain in the power position - silent. Defuse and never taunt adversaries. If you can allow them to save face and move on, do that.

Yes, even silence can be a powerful weapon in your defense arsenal. Especially if you can remain silent as you physically send off strong vibes. Remember your presence, as you stand tall and alert.

If you don't have to verbally engage, you don't. You maintain relaxed eye contact while holding your ground. You don't boast, scream holler back. You become stronger by hiding your strengths. Think about a panther staring at you; quiet but very scary. You are relived if the panther decides to turn and walk away. Be the panther.

Mindfully accept that begging and pleading with really bad people or people who are really angry, rarely works. Enabling or giving in may only delay the inevitable conflict. In fact, appeasement may embolden the aggressor to more frequent and escalated attacks.

Mind your own business but if someone tries to harm you, go all in.

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