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8. Learn from Bruce Lee and MMA

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Mixed martial arts [MMA] have become the most popular adult form of the martial arts. MMA is billed as "no holds barred" fighting. The sport's popularity is that it really looks real. It isn't fake professional wrestling. It isn't karate shadow boxing. In MMA, the black eyes and swollen faces are real.

MMA is actually a composite of different styles. It is judo and jujitsu and krav maga and shodokan with muay thai. Think of Bruce Lee's answer when asked to describe his style, he said, "Whatever works."

MMA Pay per View is big business and the bumps and bruises and cuts and a fair amount of blood are good for the box office. But stop and mindfully accept that real can only be so real. MMA is a pro sport and combatants aren't Roman gladiators. There are rules which prohibit permanently injuring your opponent.

In self-defense, you don't have the luxury of pretending to be real. Self-defense is real. Outside the arena, someone is really trying to hurt you and you'd better be ready, willing and able to hurt him back. So, whatever is prohibited in MMA matches is probably what you want to be doing on the street: gouging, scratching, tearing, stomping, biting and using every weapon available. Whatever is banned has been banned for a good reason; it is effective.

Your days are few; live each fully without fear.

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